We started with a vision to provide flavors in India that help enhance your experience – be it a prepared beverage, tonic water, or baking! Our company is focused on bringing to India never before seen flavors that can be used in food and beverages as required for a refreshing change of taste.

The flavors that we bring are zero fat, zero calories, and minus any sweeteners. With more than 20 unique flavors sourced from FDA approved vendors, our catalog is only expanding.

We are committed to delivering high quality, concentrated flavoring to you.

What are flavors?

Flavors are water soluble, concentrated, water soluble concentrates. These flavors are all the following things –

  • Zero calorie
  • Zero sugar
  • Zero cholesterol
  • Preservative free

Where do I use them?

Flavored water

If you are an ardent follower of drinking gallons of water, but despise the plain water taste, flavor drops are for you. Make your own flavored water with preferred sweetness and you have a refreshing beverage that can lift your moods.


Make your baking delicacies more delicious with a range of flavors that can enhance your baked goods!


Make fine chocolates, non- alcoholic liquor chocolates, and many more flavors that help you create unique tastes.

Create unique flavors

Make flavors by mixing levels of concentrates to create your own unique flavor that is customized to your taste.

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