Flavourella as some of you know, has been around since 2016 bringing international flavour concentrates to the DIY community of India. With change in the market year on year, 2022 was the year to revamp the website and give it a new direction. The team at Flavourella truly believes in the power of innovation and creativity with a mix of flavours and ingredients made abroad as well as India.

What the community was missing was specialism in ready to use concentrates which have undergone immense amount of research. Continuous feedback giving a common answer was to offer a mix of flavours that are ready to use, very well known as One Shot Concentrate in most parts of the world. One Shot Flavour Concentrates are premixed recipes made up of flavour concentrates. They offer a convenient way of enjoying your DIY recipes, without the need for spending a lot of time creating your own recipes. We have taken the guesswork out of mixing to make it as easy as possible for you!

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