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A lovely blend of tangerine and mango deliver a realistic fruit experience.

Mix at 11%

2 reviews for E-juice Makers – Mango Dancer

  1. Aman Anand (verified owner)

    In my personal experience, this premix wasn’t that good I myself made an e juice which was better than this as this premix juice is majorly dominated by (CAP) sweet mango and sweetener. I also felt this a bit creamy but this cream didn’t go well with mango.
    My personal opinion it may be different for u
    peace out

  2. Arin

    Very tart vape of tangerine. Whatever mango it has is masked by the tangerine at exhale. I dont like fruits especially tarty fruit vape. So its not for me. But do give it a try if you like tangerine.

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