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This recipe is as mysterious as a forrest. The taste of some tropical fruits and berries and every drag brings you a different flavour. Let the profie remains mysterious. One of my favourites and recommended if you are a fruit lover.

Mix at 13.5%

Recommended steeping: 1-3 days



10, 30

7 reviews for Supershots – Forrest Fog

  1. riteshmariner12345

    Brothers, this is the big daddy of all fruity flavours I have ever tasted. A sure shot for full of surprises and an all day vape for me. I am still guessing it as made up of a+b+c+d+…+z 😀 Kudos Mayank Bhai.

  2. riteshmariner12345

    It’s the best Made In India premix, period. Thanks Mayank bro. I am still guessing ingredients you know.

  3. Maulik Pankhanya (verified owner)

    BEST Juice i ever had.
    It smells so different and It is mix of Berries and Fruits. I smell Mangos mostly. But This is New ADV for Me.
    and Super Cheap.

  4. Siraj Zaveri (verified owner)

    Wow! is my expression every time i vape on this… Complex as mentioned in the description…

    The best fruity flavor i have tried till now…

    Wow! Wow! Wow!

  5. hashsaahil (verified owner)

    One of the best premixes!!! A very well balanced combo of passion fruit and berries (Thats what I taste); The Most Satisfying Vape. Fruit lovers MUST BUY !!!
    3-6mg Nic 40-60 PGVG; Steep time 4-6days with 5mins ultra sonic bath/day. BEST results I’ve got.

  6. hashsaahil (verified owner)

    Forgot to mention: By using ultra sonic steep method, you can go down to 8% mix – producing stronger flavour and more quantity. (Happens with selected premixes only)
    Note: Results are subjected to personal judgement.

  7. Samir Patel (verified owner)

    amazing experience. Great flavours. add 1% tpa caramel and your flavour boost like bang. fruit with chocolate. perfect

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