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Dark Knight is a mellow tobacco flavour. Very close to taste like a real cigarette. However, everyone taste something different.  You try it and let me know what flavour did you get?

Mix at 10%

Recommended steeping: 2 weeks



10, 30

1 review for Supershots – Dark Knight

  1. Sougat

    A bold, smoky and bitter tobacco. The vape is like a strong pipe tobacco.. This to me is what I’d turn to if I’m craving the feeling of smoking a Cigar.. It is possible to overdo this one and go into charred territory.. So mix this lighter than the others, I seem to prefer it that way where more flavour notes reveal themselves.

    Also good to add into coffee mixes to darken them up. Add with a light touch though. A little goes a long way.

    There is a mild vegetal feeling to this one which may remind you of barbequed vegetables. It shows up more when you mix it at strong percentages.. hence it may be nicer to mix it lighter than the recommended mix percentage to start and add more along the way.

    I recommend 7-8 percent to start with instead of the recommended 10. I seem to enjoy it better that way! Your mileage may vary!

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