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One of my favourite Ry4 blend with the undertones of Nuts. Very smooth and delightful taste.

Mix at 10%

Recommended steeping: 2 weeks


10, 30

2 reviews for Supershots – Shady Ry4

  1. Sougat

    A Creamy Caramel Ry4 tobacco vape.. Very nice for flavour lovers.. A Full mouthfeel.. Very tiny hints of Coco show up sometimes. If you like Tribeca or Creamy Dessert Tobacco vapes, you will definitely enjoy this.

  2. Anzilsali (verified owner)

    Must try this. Its creamy and gives a shallow note of tobacco in exhale. But it is better to say a popcorn ry4 blend. The warm refreshing smell of just fried popcorn dominates the other flavours. Am sure no one will be disappointed…..

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