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Virgin Joint is a Virginia based tobacco flavour. I have infused it with ash taste which does makes it a special blend.

Pair nicely with tea or coffee. Much recommended.

Mix at 10%

Recommended steeping: 2 weeks


10, 30

1 review for Supershots – Virgin Joint

  1. Sougat

    Completely reminiscent of Marlboro Lights. Mildly bitter, lightly smoky. This to me is most like smoking a cigarette if that is a feeling you miss.

    If u want a more intense tobacco effect like smoking a pipe, get the Dark Knight. You can vape it straight or add tiny bits to Virgin Joint to darken it up.

    An excellent base to make a menthol cig by just adding some spearmint or menthol with this. Some EM if you want to sweeten it up a tad, maybe even some Anise/Absinthe flavour to get some interesting effect. This is a good base to make more complex cig flavors, I find vaping it by itself a bit boring, but it is very easy to build on.

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